Occasionally there are some applications where insulation is required for other reasons than PP and the Envirocage would be preferable. Hot flange cooling is one of them. Frequently, insulation is removed from high temperature flanges because they are leaking. Flanges are the weak point of a pressure/temperature combination in a piping circuit because they expand due to the temperature. A small molecular/atomic structure of the product like hydrogen adds to the potential leak. With high temperature hydrogen, prudent design recommends the minimization of flanges due to the history of failures at flange locations. These releases can also cause fires on the unit.

The worst part about these locations is that since flanges where minimized during the design process, they are also put in convenient places for blinds and break point for shutdowns and maintenance. These locations are usually on platforms where it will be easy to access without high reaches, scaffolds, & cranes, and unfortunately are also at waist level if the system is exposed. If a burn on this type of temperature occurs, it's not just a 140F-180F degree temperature, but 600F-700F degrees and will be a serious, skin peeling, long term medical issue.