Shutdown, Maintenance,
& Project Verification
Prior to scheduled plant or refinery shutdowns, or for estimating projects, planning personnel usually verify tie in and work points to ensure they have the proper mating equipment and fittings. Usual verifications include a flanged Vs a welded valve or fitting, and the rating (150#, 300#, etc.} Traditionally, with insulated circuits the insulation would have to be removed to verify these issues. This is costly usually requiring scaffolding or the use of high reaches, handing materials up and down. Or if at grade may leave the hot systems unprotected for a period of time.

With the Envirocage system you can visually verify everything without added expense. Including the exterior condition of the system. And if the location is at elevated heights, this can usually be done with a monocular or binoculars, eliminating the need for a high reach and hot work permits.