Envirocage is an industry leader in the protection of personnel from dangerous hot surfaces, while significantly increasing efficiency and reliability over traditional insulation.

We can provide Engineering Cooling Studies that include energy savings per hour/day/ month for your geographic area, along with cost to install and/or remove existing insulation. Our highly experienced Engineers, Designers, and Construction Costs Estimators can field evaluate all obstructions,surface preparation, purchase and installation costs, and submit break even duration after receiving your energy costs.
Envirocage BENEFITS:
  • Complete protection from hot surface burns
  • Reduces cooling costs and reduces temperature of cooling medium.
  • Reduces burden on cooling system.
  • Can increase yield when temperature limited.
  • Obetego will design, fabricate and install our energy efficient system or assist and instruct in the installation of the system.
  • Enhances product quality or purity
  • Allows complete visual inspection
  • Creates ease & more efficent UT inspection
  • Completely eliminates, not mitigates CUI.
  • Allows for verification of piping system
  • Completely reuseable after pipe alterations and maintenance
  • Reduces labor installation costs
  • Cools hot flanges while protecting personnel